Chet Womach's "Hands Off Dog Training Formula" Review

The Hands Off Dog Training Formula teaches you an exact step by step system that everybody can use to completely get rid of any of your dog's behavior problems without having to hit, yell or punish your dog in any shape or form which could evolve into behavior regression. His formula is based on totally "positive" training methods. You will be learning to gain your dog's loyalty, respect and most of all obedience. All you will have to spend is 5-10 minutes of training each day. Within Chet's course there are 12 modules which he gives you complete detailed "how to" instructions to help your dog defeat each of the 12 obedience issues. Inside you'll also discover some neat little tricks to encourage your dog in doing anything that you want him to.
In the Hands Off Dog Training Formula Chet teaches you to train your dog using just simple hand gestures, voice commands, and well timed positive reinforcement.

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The course contains 3 hours of quality info to be successful in training your dog which includes:

* Two audio CD's outlining strategies for solving every behavior problem your dog could possibly have!

* 19 lessons with step-by-step strategies for training each behavior!

* 54-minute recording on 'Overcoming Training Hurdles'!

* 6 advanced trick training lessons with easy to follow instruction!

* 37-page Dog Training Handbook

Plus Five Super Bonuses:

"Five Hilarious Tricks You Can
Teach YOUR Dog To Perform!"

"Teach Your Dog How To Perform
Lassie's Classic TV Show Trick!"

"Super Potty Training Guide!"

"Stop Your Dog From Biting -- EVER!"

"Your Surprise Bonus Gift!"

The course also covers:

* The Sit
* The Stay
* The Lay Down
* Come On Command
* Crate Training Puppies
* Barking
* Biting
* Jumping On Owner
* Potty Training
* Aggression Towards Strangers
* Curing Fear Of Things
* Prolonged Stays
* Leash Control


With Chet Womach's Hands Off Dog Training Formula you simply cannot go wrong with his unique and informative approach to dog training.....this one is a keeper!

And the really neat thing is you can try out this excellent training course absolutely RISK FREE!

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